Gianluca Scotto was born at Naples, Italy in 1971. He attended IPAS, a professional school, and he got a degree in Pastry Chef. Upon the completion of his teorethical education, he started his career as Sous Pastry Chef in many pastry shops of the beautiful and touristic islands of Ischia and Procida. 
During this stage, he got a specialization in several specific fields of his work. He has now a deep knowledge in preparations as : hors d'ouvres, mignon patries, baked chocolate pies, the typical "marzapane", decorations of many kinds (sugar based), as well as plate desserts. 
In this last field Gianluca has really reached a high degree of perfection and due to this fact, he got a chance to work at places as the Grand Hotel of Rimini***** (this hotel has been a Fellini favorite) and the Grand Hotel Tamerici & Principe in Montecatini*****, internationally known. 
Yet, on January 2001 he attended a stage of three months at " Le Cirque" in New York, one of the most famous restaurant in the world. During this stage (among a staff of 16 chefs including Jaques Torres,the best Ouvrier of France) he has learnt all the techniques of the French pastry.
Gianluca constantly keeps himself professionally updated and he has already attended many classes under the supervision of celebrities in the field as : Luigi Biasetto, Luca Mannori, Igino Massari, Federic Bourse, Francisco Torreblanc and Stefano Laghi. For each of these classes, he has earned a well deserved certification.
Member of professional Association as : APN and COMPAIT.
Gianluca' personal goal is to promote a pastry production that privileges natural and genuine ingredients, together with a good amount of creativity in "designing" the recipes, in order to meet the eye and specially the taste of the most demanding pastry lovers
Gianluca Scotto, at moment, lives in Procida suggestions